SCCG Committees

The structure of the Group consists of:

  • The Full Group Committee: Membership consists of 1-3 elected and/or staff representatives (Delegates) as determined by the Member Council. Meetings are quarterly and direct the core activities of the SCCG. Nominated Honorary Members are appointed as observers to this Committee at the Annual General Meeting for their expertise and/or contribution to the work of the SCCG.
  • The Executive Committee: Membership consists of up to 8 elected delegates: a Chairperson, two Vice-Chairpersons (Ocean and Estuarine), a Secretary, a Treasurer, and up to three other Delegates. Delegates are appointed by vote at the AGM. The Committee meets quarterly (in between Full Group meetings) or as required to address operational matters.
  • The Technical Committee: Membership consists of one or more professional staff from each Member Council, including strategic planners, environmental officers, engineers, catchment liaison and policy officers, development assessment officers, educators, enforcement, compliance and environmental health officers. The Technical Committee meets up to five times a year to exchange information, collaborate on current and emerging needs and develop regional projects and programs.
  • Dedicated working groups and advisory committees are also periodically established to advance specific issues and projects. These groups comprise elected and technical members and occasionally include external experts and stakeholders.

Membership is of a voluntary and cooperative nature. The SCCG’s
Constitution sets out the objectives and rules of the Group and will be
implemented through the 2015-2019 SCCG Strategic Plan.

The work of the Group and these committees is facilitated by our Secretariat, which is made up of the Executive Officer, Manager Projects and Programs, Coastal Projects Officer, and a part-time Support Officer. The Secretariat also employs grant-funded Project Officers to work on specific projects for the Group where applicable.

The Secretariat is hosted by a financial Member Council. The Host Council is nominated and determined at an Annual General Meeting. A Service Provider Agreement lists the arrangements between the Group and the hosting Council. The current agreement is with the City of Sydney, from September 2004 to 30 June 2018. 


Internal Committees

The internal committees of the SCCG continue to be well supported and achieve significant outcomes. Committees include:

  •  SCCG Full Group, Executive and Technical Committees
  •  SCCG Strategic Plan – Directional Committee
  •  SCCG Grants Committee
  •  SCCG Sydney’s Salty Communities – Working Group
  •  SCCG Sydney’s Salty Communities – Expert Reference Committee
  • SCCG Emergency Management Advisory Committee
  • NSW Coastal Reforms Advisory Committee 
  • Summerama Champions
  • SCCG / Sydney Water - Partnership Group
  • Other consultative / liaison groups on an as needs basis
  • Various memberships and associations

External Committee Representation

The Group directly represents the interests of Member Councils and their coastal communities, via representation on numerous external committees including:

  • Interagency Riparian Boundaries Working Group
  • Malabar Headland Interagency Group
  • Sydney Regional Leadership Network (RLN) (NSW Premiers and Cabinet)
  • Towards a Resilient Sydney - Project Partners Group
  • NCCARF Phase II – Settlements and Infrastructure – Network Advisory Group
  • NCCARF Phase II - Social, Economic and Institutional Dimensions Network Stakeholder Reference Group
  • NSW Coastal Conference Organising Committee
  • National Coastal Advocacy Group
  • NSW ROCs Group
  • Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Groups
  • Bureau of Meteorology Sydney Marine Weather Services Consultative Committee
  • Greater Sydney Local Service Local Government Advisory Group
  • Greater Sydney Local Service Community Advisory Group
  • Northern Sydney Environment Educators Network (observer)
  • Southern Sydney Sustainability Education Network (observer)
  • CRC Low Carbon Living (UNSW) Member

If you would like any further information on any of the internal or external committees please contact the SCCG Secretariat.

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