About the Sydney Coastal Councils Group


Established in 1989, we are a co-operative organisation that advances sustainable management of Sydney’s urban coastal environment. We currently comprise 10 Member Councils who represent nearly 1.3 million Sydneysiders. Collectively we cover an area of approximately 775 square kilometres with a total oceanic and estuarine coastline of almost 600 kilometres, encompassing the waterways of Broken Bay, Pittwater, Port Jackson, Port Hacking, Botany Bay, Middle and North Harbours, and the lower reaches of the Lane Cove, Georges and Cooks Rivers.


The position of Support Officer - Coast and Estuaries within the SCCG Secretariat has been advertised. All applications received are currently being reviewed.  


Resilient coasts and estuaries. Engaged communities. Local leadership. Regional impact.


To lead sustainable management of the coastal and estuarine environment through collaboration, capacity building, advocacy and research.


  1. Collaboration: Facilitate cooperation between, and coordination of, actions by Member Councils and coastal stakeholders.
  2. Capacity Building: Develop and exchange knowledge and tools to support the role and build the capacity of Member Councils.
  3. Advocacy: Provide a regional and cohesive voice representing Member Councils
  4. Research: Identify and address current and emerging regional coastal issues.


Our Strategic Plan has been prepared to document and highlight our strategic focus for the next 4 year period (July 2015 – June 2019). It is the seventh Business Plan of the SCCG since our inception in 1989 and builds upon our 25 years' experience leading sustainable coastal management.

The Plan is a dynamic strategy that is evaluated annually and comprehensively reviewed every 4 years.

SCCG Strategic Plan 2015-2019


The Constitution sets out the name; aims and objectives; membership; representation from Member Councils; details for determining the chairperson and meeting arrangements; voting; what represents a quorum; business at meetings; powers of the Group, Executive Committee and other types of committees; employment of staff; advisory committees,  office location; financial matters; annual reporting; cooperative arrangements; termination of membership; amendments; termination of the Group and declaration of pecuniary interests, resolution of internal disputes, common seal, custody and inspection of books.

Download your copy of SCCG Constitution here.


This Statement of Business Ethics applies to Sydney Coastal Councils Group (SCCG) Member Councils representatives, staff, contractors and business associates dealing with Sydney Coastal Councils Group. 

The SCCG is committed to conducting its business in a sound commercial and ethical manner and this Statement of Business Ethics sets out the standards the SCCG requires of its Member Council representatives, staff, contractors and business associates. Both SCCG staff and private sector employees must always be aware of the ethical standards its Member Councils demand when SCCG money is used either directly or indirectly. 

The SCCG will demonstrate and practice a professional and ethical approach to all its business activities and all SCCG staff are required to conduct their activities in accordance with the SCCG host council Code of Conduct (City of Sydney) and observe a high standard of probity, ethical behaviour and integrity in their business dealings. 

All individuals and organisations that deal with the SCCG are required to comply with these standards of ethical behaviour in their dealings with SCCG. 

Download your copy of the SCCG Statement of Business Ethics here.

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